A nice surprise!

Yesterday we sent a surprise mail to all registered players with a score of 20k or more, notifying them that they had won their first-ever prizes. Congratulations to them for playing so well, and also to us for officially releasing GAIN. We are live!

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bayasaa/

Happy days!

Even better, those players will most likely be receiving a prize at the end of this week too, and hopefully every week for a very long time after. That’s what we love about GAIN: that everyone who is skilled receives a reward every week!¬†Of course, the more skilled you are (as measured by your score) the more you will receive. But there’s no top-ten competitions with you-versus-the-whole-world, nor do we reset your score each week and ask for the impossible. Just play sensibly and steadily, at your own convenience, for your own long term gain!

So May 8th 2013 was a wonderful milestone for us to reach even as we know that now we have to work harder than ever. For everyone else though, it’s time to play!

GAIN – Free To Win