Too good to be true?

Spark Profit is a free web-app that pays you for making skilled predictions, plus it’s so simple and quick to use that it’s like playing a game. Sound too good to be true?

Well, just like Google has figured out how to earn money from your searches, we have our own neat way of making a profit. People really have earned hundreds of dollars playing Spark Profit for just a few minutes a week, and it really is free. Here’s how it works.

The simple explanation

As you’d expect, there is a wide range of ability in the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve tried Spark Profit already. In fact, some are extremely talented. (And true to our hypothesis, previous experience doesn’t seem to matter at all. You don’t know if you’ll be good until you try!)

Now suppose we take all those skilled players and simply built a machine to trade (just copy) all their predictions — using our own money. This should make a nice revenue for us even though no-one has paid us a single penny. After we take off the expense of building and running the app we should still have enough profit left over to share it between the players and ourselves. Problem solved!

It’s all in the details

In reality it’s not quite that simple – we don’t necessarily copy any individual player directly and we have ways to glean information from even the worst players. We call what we do “crowd-sourced alpha“. But the essence of it is fairly close to finding the good players and copying them.

As a business model, it seems so obvious once you understand it but, as far as we know, no-one’s thought to do it before (or possibly, had the right combination of skills).

There has to be a catch!

One of the things we’re most proud of about our unique system is that you – the player – never risk anything. You don’t pay to join and don’t pay to play. You literally have nothing to lose. Really that’s because we take all the risk. And that single fact is the one and only catch to our amazing business model: we actually need to be very good at what we do, to be successful doing it.

But even if we were to ever get it wrong and lose our money, you’d never have lost a penny because you’ll never have paid a penny. Isn’t this better for you than other trading sites where you pay and you take on all the risk? We think so.

Spark Profit. We want you to win!


A Grand Celebration

In the UK, “grand” is common slang for one thousand. And since we turned on cash rewards just over two months ago, we have paid out a total of US $1,144.85 to our skilled users, making this truly a grand cause for celebration!

The first thousand dollars are the hardest

As the number of players increases, so does the size of the reward pot and the amount anyone can potentially earn. Quite soon we expect to be giving away a thousand dollars a week!

So, thanks to you all for playing so well and also for inviting friends and family to join us in the fun.

If you didn’t invite anyone yet don’t forget that you can never tell in advance who’s going to be good at GAIN. We recommend inviting everyone you can, since you’ll maximise your income that way.

Twice as fun


Four buttons good, two buttons bad!

We were very excited to add two new markets last week.

Now you have the potential to earn twice as many points as before, plus you’re also more likely to find interesting new trading opportunities whenever you open the app.

We’ve already seen some big changes in the leader-boards. Is this the chance you’ve been waiting for?

GAIN – The world’s most rewarding app