Happy (Belated) Birthday to NOUS!

It’s been a busy week here at Nous HQ! But we couldn’t let another day go by without mentioning that September 8th is our official birthday and we are one year old now! Here’s a quick update on where we are and where we’re hoping to go.


The early months

We had a prototype app running in October 2012 but it was quite different to the GAIN you know now. Instead of predicting a price and waiting for the market to hit it, you had to predict what the price would be exactly 1 hour later and then wait to see how close you were.

We've come a long way since then

It’s GAIN, but not as you know it

It was a valuable way to test our theories but there some problems with the gameplay – no easy way to generate financially and intuitively correct scores, plus who wants to wait for exactly one hour every time?

By December 2012, we had designed and built the new rules and scoring system you use today. These rules are easy to understand but importantly, reward you more intuitively and teach you skills more useful in actual trading. Yay!

This is like looking at baby photos, for us

This is like looking at baby photos for us! Aww….

After this we spent several months improving the interface and adding support for more devices. In March 2013 we also renamed the app from simply Nous (our company’s name) to GAIN. We wanted the app to have a name that would be easy for everyone to share and remember.

GAIN leaves Beta

May 2013 saw an important delivery: the first cash rewards. There were not as many users back then so the top rewards were smaller, but people did still start to build very nice incomes.  We released Supporter Bonuses in June, allowing you to make money just for inviting friends and family (or anyone). Then in August we turned on Bitcoin markets, which finally allowed everyone to play on the weekends.  Our first mention in the mainstream media was an article in the Sunday Times (UK) in September. In those same busy few weeks we enabled withdrawals of your earnings via PayPal, and released to the Android store.

Where are we now?

What was your share?

What was your share?

The short answer: we’re doing pretty good!

  • 3,500 people from 147 countries have registered and made 80,000 predictions
  • $3,001.91 has been earned by 112 people in the last 4 months
  • The highest 5 earners have so far received between $168.20 and $252.63 each
  • Some of those high earners are logging in just 3 or 4 times per day for a minute each time – this is not a high-maintenance hobby!

What’s next?

There are so many features we really want to add. But the hardest part of running a company, we’re finding, is focusing on building the right things in the right order. So here are the three main things we’d like to make sure are happening before our second birthday:

  1. Bigger Rewards – Our highest paid players should receive around $800 for the seven months of May to December 2013. That’s pretty good. But our goal for 2014 is to pay the top players $10,000 over the year. That’s multiple people, not just one or two, earning ten thousand dollars with no investment and no risk. (Don’t forget, GAIN is the only service which pays everyone who makes the grade – so there’ll be lots and lots of other people earning thousands of dollars too. Make sure you’re one of them!)
  2. Social features – We’ll be adding lots more features to make it easier to see what friends are up to, arrange private competitions and share your best predictions with the world.
  3. More markets – We want to add stock indices, more currencies, and potentially even some new ways of predicting. When you do well we do well!

Thanks for joining us on the journey!


One thought on “Happy (Belated) Birthday to NOUS!

  1. Happy belated birthday! 🙂 They grow up so fast. *+tears up+* Can’t wait to see what happens in the future. Appreciate all the hard work that’s going into this. 🙂

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