Setting new records

Last weekend we set a new record, paying out $533 in one week. Since May we have paid out an amazing $5,420.64 to people in 40 countries!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, and don’t forget to invite your friends so that you – and they – can earn even more!

Five thousand, four hundred and twenty dollars. How many of them were yours?


Solving your problems

When we’re out talking to investors and VCs we’re often asked “what problem are you trying to solve”? Our app is designed to be educational and entertaining but we know that it’s the third reason — an income — that is most important for the majority of our users. Now you really can earn cash in your spare time, on your phone or PC. No investment, no experience required, and definitely no downside.

For many people that’s a life-changing opportunity.

To make an example, the average income in India is $100 a month, so the chance to earn an additional $120 per month is a very big deal. And in fact, the average Indian earns noticeably less than that because a few Indians are earning a lot more.

So Nous offers the chance to double or triple the average income for billions of people – for just a few minutes effort per day. We think that’s pretty good solution to a pretty big problem!