Spark Profit adds the S&P 500 index

When Spark Profit was released a few months ago you could predict four of the larger currency markets, plus Bitcoin. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of our first stock index, the “Standard And Poors 500”. This index is often used as a proxy for the entire US stock market and is one of the most heavily traded indices in the world.

Play tab

Of course, making predictions for the S&P 500 is just as simple as with our other markets. Once you’ve taken the tutorial just open the graph, click or tap to set a target price and a stop price, and you’re done.

Stock Index Tutorial

We’ll be adding other countries’ major stock indices over the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately they are not actively traded outside of their typical market hours so this requires just a bit more work on our side. They’ll be there soon, we promise.

We hope you enjoy the new challenge – and the opportunity to earn points and rewards even more quickly! As always please don’t hesitate to send any feedback to [email protected]





2 thoughts on “Spark Profit adds the S&P 500 index

  1. Dear sir/Madam,
    What about backward countries like Pakistan , how can we get payment as many of us don,t have accounts as you mentioned. So a little guidence is required. Kindly let me know.
    Thanks and regards
    Muhammad Sohail

    ([email protected])

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