$1000, each and every week!

A few weeks ago back at Spark Profit HQ we were so excited about the World Cup we decided to double supporter bonuses for the duration! This means that when anyone you’ve invited earns money, you’ll now get 20% of what they earn too, as a thank-you bonus. Spark Profit pays that bonus, not your friend, so everyone’s a winner! (Except us maybe 🙂 ).

That started a few weeks ago. How’s it going? Well, we’re already paying out more than ever before!


The very first week we awarded over $1,000 for the first time. Every week has set new records and this week will have an estimated $1,100 total prize award. Thousands of new reasons to love Spark Profit!

If you want to know how to earn a regular income using your personal supporter link, just take a look at the FAQ or send a mail to [email protected].



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