One Year Old.

Happy Birthday!

We’re officially one year old! Its been quite a year and looking back we’re proud of what we have achieved. And, we are really excited about our plans for the second year (details coming soon – keep an eye out on this blog).

What’s Been So Awesome About Our First Year.

  • One of the best things has been watching our community grow, we now have more than 130000 players from over 200 countries.
  • We’ve awarded over $95,000 to our players since we’ve started. We want our players to win!
  • Our top players have earned almost $500 from playing on their phone – at no risk to themselves. That is time well spent playing a game on your phone!
  • We started the year offering FX markets and Bitcoin; we added more markets as we went through the year. Our players can now trade commodities and stock indexes.. And we have plans to offer our players even more markets.
  • The social side of our game has grown, with our players chatting to one another and swapping trade ideas through our app. Its been great to be part of this community as our players start to collaborate.

Thank You For Making It Such An Awesome Year!

So, a big heartfelt thanks to all our players for being part of our journey for the first year.

And here’s to the next year!




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