Powers Of Two (Hundred Thousand!)

200000Two hundred thousand players

We hit a wonderful milestone last week, when our 200,000th customer signed up to Spark Profit. We’re really excited about that! Spark Profit only went live in 2014, so we know that our goal – to find and nurture the world’s top trading talent – is really captivating a lot of people. We have players from over 200 countries and have paid out $146,000 in prizes to people in over 70 countries. And yet no-one has ever paid a penny! More at sparkprofit.com/stats/.

Two hundred thousand is a lot – click on the rainbow bar to see for yourself. Each row has 127 people on it and each shaded band of 8 rows has 1,000. Don’t forget to zoom in!

Second app: coming soon!

When we recently asked our regular players if they wanted to trade we were blown away by the response: 95% of players said they wanted to trade their own money in Spark Profit’s uniquely visual interface. Rest assured, we’re working hard on that plan! We’re applying for the necessary licenses and have started raising a second round of funding from Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors. They see the huge potential for our existing customers to capitalise on their skills, and they love the traction (Alexa rank, WAUs, etc.) that we already have.

2x supporter bonus, for 2 months

Spark Profit has an easy way for you to invite friends and family to join the fun and start earning – simply share your invite link. If someone joins and starts to earn we’ve always paid you a generous 10% bonus, but for July and August you’ll get double that – whatever your friends earn you’ll earn 20% extra alongside them!

Two ways to earn

There’s always been two ways to earn money in Spark Profit: play well or invite someone who plays well. It’s really beneficial to invite many people because you simply never know in advance who’s going to get it right – and added up they will all help you earn a lot more over time.  Why do we do this? Because it keeps our costs down and actually helps us pay more in prizes to you, our lovely players. (Although people love Spark Profit so much our ads only cost 10% of what other trading apps pay, so maybe we don’t need to worry too much! Something else the investors love.)

As always, helping you win.

Team Spark Profit.


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