Spark Profit: The Future of Trading

Update: Target Reached; Overfunding In Progress!

We are very happy to have exceeded our £350,000 target. Overfunding of up to £500,000 is available but be aware that (1) momentum is strong and we could hit even that limit before the December 6th deadline; (2) the minimum investment has increased to £5,000. So if you have an interest to invest, read on quickly!

Open To Angel Investors, From £1,000 £5,000

Tens of thousands of Spark Profit‘s players told us: they love our virtual-trading interface, but have also gained enough confidence that they want to use the app to actually trade. Well, we already had the team, tech, and traction, and we have just designed a ground-breaking new product to meet their demand. We have reinvented trading, and it’s awesome!

To move forward with our plans Nous has partnered with the highly-regarded Syndicate Room, to raise up to £500,000. Given the market size and our success to date, we believe we are projecting investment returns of over 30x in 5 years. This EIS-eligible investment round has a minimum investment of just £5,000. It closes very soon but before you rush off and sign up, let us tell you a little more about those plans…

A New Generation of Trader

We released Spark Profit in 2014 as a fun way to engage and educate potential traders from all walks of life, fostering both a love of investing and an understanding of the challenges. The app is very popular and has found a hugely under-served market of smartphone natives, who want to participate in financial markets but do not have the resources, or cannot get past the jargon, that existing platforms require.

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Unique product for an under-served population

We are now raising funds to introduce real-money, real-market trading to Spark Profit. Our completely new take on trading was designed for our existing customers’ lives and personal situations. What we are building is tremendously safe, simple — and yet still highly rewarding. People from around the world will be able to invest as little as $0.10, never be at risk of losing more than that micro-investment, and still see returns of up to 2000%. Only Spark Profit offers this level of safety and consumer-friendliness.

Trading for real moneyProven technology & traction

We have the traction, the team and the technology required to make this happen. Spark Profit has already proven most of what we need. The single missing piece of the puzzle is a licence allowing us to go live with the kind of guarantees our customers should expect. The investment is expected to get us that licence and get the firm to monthly break-even.

So if you’re interested, are eligible and have £5,000 pounds to invest into global empowerment, head over to our campaign on Syndicate Room!

Note: You’ll need to create an account in order to view the all the details before investing. If you hit a problem entering a valid address when creating an account look for the “manual entry” option that should appear. As with all investments into early stage companies, your capital is at risk.


The Shape of Things to Come

It’s official – we’re going to build the world’s friendliest, safest trading app!


Spark Profit’s regular users will know that we’ve been very interested to hear about how they use the app, and also about their interests and backgrounds. That’s because we are moving into the second phase of our plans and enabling real-money trading directly from within the app!

Before we could do that, there were a lot of things we needed to do. We’ve been unbelievably busy! The two most important ones were:

  • Make sure that we could guarantee you absolute safety and control of your own money, by getting a licence from a reputable regulator
  • Make sure that the product we will offer suits your needs and your circumstances

Working so hard on getting an operational licence, designing and building a completely new (and far better) way to trade, in addition to continuing running the best way to earn money while learning to trade, has been tough! Sometimes we haven’t been able to pay prizes or respond to your questions as quickly as we wanted, and we are really sorry about that. We are a small team and we try to keep support costs manageable (then we can pay more in prizes).

If you like Spark Profit, you’re going to love what we’re building now. We’ve kept the interface you’re used to: simple, visual, and with no jargon. But we’ve added a combination of features that no other trading application has, to bring you the safest and most rewarding way to trade on the planet, especially for small trade sizes. You’ll even be able to invest in any of our supported markets for just $0.10.

The only bad news is, you’ll have to wait until February next year. That’s how long it will take for our licence to get approved and the app released. If you’re interested in being one of the first to try the new app, please sign up here for early access.

Will Brent Oil Find Support?

Brent started the last quarter of the year by breaking out of the range it was in during September and got as far as $54 before hitting our supply zone.

Brent starts October by breaking out of the range

Brent starts October by breaking out of the range

It is currently retesting the breakout zone (where old highs become new lows perhaps) and a broken trend line. This area is near the 61.8 fib of the move up over the last week or so.

Brent Oil is retesting the break out zone and previous supply

Brent Oil is retesting the break out zone and previous supply

Oil prices have come off the their highs from last week – likely on profit taking amounts speculators and bearish sentiment from China and comments from the International Energy Agency who forecast an oversupply thanks to slowing demand.

No Risk With SparkProfit

Whichever way you think Oil may go you can play it risk free with SparkProfit.

Please note our disclaimer on all of