20% Forever: Bigger Better Bonuses

Your supporters now pay you 20%, this week, next week – and forever!

How It Works

  1. Send your invite link to a friend;
  2. They click on it and create a SparkProfit account;
  3. Then later, every time they earn money in SparkProfit,
  4. You get 20% of what they earn as well!

They don’t lose a penny – we are paying you the bonus to thank you for finding such an awesome trader. They win, you win, we all win!

Want to start earning even quicker? Our 3 friends, $1 bonus is still on (and yes, we’ll pay your inviter 10¢ 20¢ if you get a $1, and even pay their inviter  4¢. We’re just really nice like that).


Copyright PremierPokerChips.com


Don’t forget to check in at least once each week. SparkProfit only pays rewards on weeks where you have opened the app at least one time.


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