Look out for an exclusive invite in your email.

We’re so excited that we can’t keep it quiet any more. All the amazing skills you have developed in SparkProfit now have a chance to make you even more money with our innovative new real money platform launching very soon. And in true SparkProfit style it’ll be something the world has never seen before!

Our coders have been busy bees over the last few months building a platform that gives you a way to trade in an ultra safe environment, with none of the nasty hidden fees and surprises other apps spring on you. We like to do things properly, so it’s still in the final stages of checks with the regulator, but we can say it’s on the launch pad and the countdown has begun. The date for your diaries is:

APRIL 19th!

Want to know more about the app? We hope you’ll have some serious fun trying it out. Here’s some reasons why you’ll want to join:

Ultra Low Investment Options
shutterstock_33560722You will be able to invest as little as $0.10 on each trade – no matter what price targets you set. This means that a deposit of just $10 could get you 100 trades!

Now, that is an ultra low risk way to trade.

Transfer and Trade

transfer money inYou’ll be able to transfer any money you make on SparkProfit over to the new platform to trade the markets.

So you never need to reach into your own pockets (unless you want to!).


Ultra Low Risk

we're so good

You may have seen our posts about the risks associated with traditional trading and spread betting. Well, we promise you will never lose more than you have deposited with us. This is unique.

But we made it even stronger! We guarantee you can never lose more than you’ve put in the tradeNot “some of the time”, not “most of the time”, but always, and forever.

Quick And Simple

point and clickHave you seen other trading apps?! It’s like you need a degree just to learn how to use them. This will be the simplest trading platform in the world – just point and click. No need to worry about margin, spreads, pips, leverage or all that other stuff.

Simply point where you think a market is going to go, where you think it won’t go, then decide how much you want to invest in your prediction. Done.

Great Returns

up to x20

You can get payouts as high as twenty times your original investment.

That’s 2,000%

And it can happen in days,..

or even hours.

Zero Stop/Start Fees

costs nothing

For small trades we won’t charge anything to start a trade. What you see is exactly what you’ll get – unlike other apps. This is a revolution (especially when you notice that you don’t have to “cross the spread” either, another hidden fee our competitors often forget to mention). 

Stopping a trade is free too after a few minutes, so we’re not hiding anything there either. If it was any cheaper we’d have to pay you!

What Happens Next?

We plan to start sending out exclusive first round invitations for the new platform from April 19th. At the beginning we can only let 50 people join each day, so keep an eye out for your email to see if you’re one of the lucky ones!


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