Payouts: now ten times bigger!

We’ve been live with our new rules for two weeks now and very happy to announce that everything is working even better than we’d hoped. So well in fact, that we can lift our lifetime payout limit, from $10 to $100.

That’s enough to kickstart anyone’s trading career. You know what to do next: sign up here!


20% Forever: Bigger Better Bonuses

Your supporters now pay you 20%, this week, next week – and forever!

How It Works

  1. Send your invite link to a friend;
  2. They click on it and create a SparkProfit account;
  3. Then later, every time they earn money in SparkProfit,
  4. You get 20% of what they earn as well!

They don’t lose a penny – we are paying you the bonus to thank you for finding such an awesome trader. They win, you win, we all win!

Want to start earning even quicker? Our 3 friends, $1 bonus is still on (and yes, we’ll pay your inviter 10¢ 20¢ if you get a $1, and even pay their inviter  4¢. We’re just really nice like that).




Don’t forget to check in at least once each week. SparkProfit only pays rewards on weeks where you have opened the app at least one time.

New Milestones, New Bonuses!

Spark Profit now has over 300,000 players! We’re really excited about that, as you can probably imagine :). We’re extremely proud of the financial rewards paid out, skills learned and the friendly community that’s built up, all in under two years.


Spark Profit is much more welcoming than this gentleman

We were looking for a way to make this even more special for you, the people who’ve helped build this amazing thing. We’ve decided to make Spark Profit even more rewarding:

Invite 3 friends to earn $1!

It’s super simple: if you have three (or more) new supporters who joined after November 16th, and are fully verified players, we’ll award you $1.

  • Each supporter (each friend) must have joined on-or-after November 16th GMT.
  • They have to verify their account.
  • Only one payout per person (max payout $1).
  • The system will check for new supporters every day or two

Of course if your supporters earn $1 by inviting people, you’ll still get your 10% bonus. (And on, and on).

This offer lasts for 1 month and has already started! Time to get inviting

Powers Of Two (Hundred Thousand!)

200000Two hundred thousand players

We hit a wonderful milestone last week, when our 200,000th customer signed up to Spark Profit. We’re really excited about that! Spark Profit only went live in 2014, so we know that our goal – to find and nurture the world’s top trading talent – is really captivating a lot of people. We have players from over 200 countries and have paid out $146,000 in prizes to people in over 70 countries. And yet no-one has ever paid a penny! More at

Two hundred thousand is a lot – click on the rainbow bar to see for yourself. Each row has 127 people on it and each shaded band of 8 rows has 1,000. Don’t forget to zoom in!

Second app: coming soon!

When we recently asked our regular players if they wanted to trade we were blown away by the response: 95% of players said they wanted to trade their own money in Spark Profit’s uniquely visual interface. Rest assured, we’re working hard on that plan! We’re applying for the necessary licenses and have started raising a second round of funding from Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors. They see the huge potential for our existing customers to capitalise on their skills, and they love the traction (Alexa rank, WAUs, etc.) that we already have.

2x supporter bonus, for 2 months

Spark Profit has an easy way for you to invite friends and family to join the fun and start earning – simply share your invite link. If someone joins and starts to earn we’ve always paid you a generous 10% bonus, but for July and August you’ll get double that – whatever your friends earn you’ll earn 20% extra alongside them!

Two ways to earn

There’s always been two ways to earn money in Spark Profit: play well or invite someone who plays well. It’s really beneficial to invite many people because you simply never know in advance who’s going to get it right – and added up they will all help you earn a lot more over time.  Why do we do this? Because it keeps our costs down and actually helps us pay more in prizes to you, our lovely players. (Although people love Spark Profit so much our ads only cost 10% of what other trading apps pay, so maybe we don’t need to worry too much! Something else the investors love.)

As always, helping you win.

Team Spark Profit.

Spark Profit and you – BFF

We pay you for your invites - forever.

We pay you for your invites – forever… and ever..

Best Friends Forever

Spark Profit’s goal is to find the world’s best trading talent. Of course, we hope that you are that rare individual, but if not… it might just be your friend! And that’s still really great news for you.

That’s because we also pay you 10% of everything all your friends earn. This isn’t actually anything new – we used to do it for their first year in the app. Now though, we pay you forever. And it all still comes out of our own pocket. Win-win-win!

Supporters – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Good things are worth repeating: simply invite as many people as you like, and receive 10% of whatever they earn in the app for life – there is no time limit.

It's easy to invite your friends to earn more.

It’s easy to invite your friends to earn more.

Forgotten your invite link? Just go to the Social page on Spark Profit and open the Invite Friends tab by clicking on the icon in the upper right hand corner. Post it to Facebook or share it by email, you’ll get the credit.

Leverage – without the risk of a margin call

“I learned how to play poker at a very young age. My father taught me the concept of playing the percentage hands. You don’t just play every hand and stay through every card, because if you do, you will have a much higher probability of losing. You should play the good hands, and drop out of the poor hands, forfeiting the ante. When more of the cards are on the table and you have a very strong hand – in other words, when you feel the percentages are skewed in your favour – you raise and play the hand to the hilt.” – Gary Bielfeldt, Market Wizards

Like your hand? Then bet and raise

Like your hand? Then bet and raise

What is leverage?

In Spark Profit, leverage allows you to risk more points in order to gain more points. Its a bit like raising your bet if you are playing poker and you see those pocket rockets (two aces) staring up at you – its time to jam that pot with money as your expectancy is high that these two cards will earn you money. It does not matter if you win or loose that particular hand, if you see two aces staring up at you, its time to bet and bet hard – over time they will pay out.

Its the same with trading, if you have confidence in your trade, you may choose to put more points at risk in order to maximise the amount you can win in this trade.

The Advantages

First off, there is no margin call in our game – you cannot drop below zero in Spark Profit.

Leverage allows you to express your confidence in your trades and profit from them. You can get in on a prediction on a lower leverage, and if it is going well and you have confidence in your prediction, you can add to your trade by increasing your leverage.

If you like the look of your prediction, you can increase your leverage when you first start the game – you can always reduce your leverage if you need to.

Its a double edged sword. There are some risks..

Leverage has some downsides; it costs more and increases your risk.

So, it pays to be selective – there is no point increasing leverage on every prediction you make. Leveraging up on your prediction means you can lose more.. Much much more.

There is also an increased cost of entry into your prediction when you add leverage – if you are betting three or four times the amount of points, your entry cost is multiplied by the leverage you selected. It does not cost you anything to reduce your leverage at any time, but if you increase your leverage in a prediction, there is a cost.

It is best to wait for those predictions where you have a high level of confidence that you are on the right side of things. To return to the poker analogy, you might choose to play some weak hands when you are at the poker table but you want to creep into the hand and not bet much cash. This is the circumstance where you like your hand, it has an OK chance of winning but may not be the strongest in the game. And so it is with your predictions in Spark Profit, there may be certain times that you like a market for a certain direction, but feel it may be a marginal trade – you might want to keep your leverage low to reflect your confidence in your prediction.

Using leverage in your predictions. 

Leverage becomes enabled for all players of Spark Profit once they have completed twenty games.

Simply select the level of leverage you want when you first place or amend a prediction. Leverage goes from one to six – six being the highest leverage level and should be used when you are very confident in your prediction. One is the default level of leverage and is the level you have been using  up to now when you have made a prediction.

Leverage - just select the level you want when you make your prediction

Leverage – just select the level you want when you make your prediction

You can reduce or increase your leverage at any time by clicking on the right hand side of the chart to amend your trade – the prediction ticket will appear displaying your options to amend leverage.

“If a trade doesn’t look right, you get out and take a small loss; it’s precisely equivalent to forfeiting the ante by dropping out of a poor hand in poker. On the other hand, when the percentages seem to be strongly in your favour, you should be aggressive and really try to leverage the trade similar to the way you raise on the good hands in poker” – Gary Bielfeldt, Market Wizards

Spark Profit’s Origins

This post is by Justin Short, CEO and Founder of Nous.

Spark Profit sunrise

Hi! I wanted to explain why we built Spark Profit and why it’s so special. So let me start with a bit of personal history.

Before I and four very smart people quit our jobs to found Nous together, I was working at a large Investment Bank as Regional Head of Electronic Trading Strategy. I’d been working in that industry for 14 years and judging by my performance reports, I was pretty good at it. So why quit?

One of the reasons was that I saw an unbelievably huge opportunity – not just for me but for literally millions of people. Working in the financial markets, I knew first-hand how important technology and quantitative skills are to trading profitably. After all, I commissioned and built strategies that helped our customers shave valuable basis points from their costs, improving their efficiency and ultimately benefitting their customers, the public.

But I also saw that human intuition was still very much alive. Certain colleagues at all the financial firms I have worked at: UBS; Deutsche Bank; and Merrill Lynch / Bank of America, were fantastically good at understanding the rhythm of the market. They could sense when the tide was about to turn, and make a lot of money by being one of the first to jump in and by riding the movement all the way. They naturally understood the psychology of the market.

I have a lot of respect for these people.

But one thing bothered me. They were to some degree all from a common mould. They were all university graduates, mostly male, all speaking English. They were comfortable wearing a suit and living in the city. Of course, they’d all made it through interviews with similarly demanding firms: they had to fit a mould. But was all that really necessary, in order to be a great trader?

I didn’t think so. Not at all.

Which begs the question, how many other people never got the chance to find their calling, just because they failed to fit the mould?

When I had my Eureka! moment, I found a way to connect everyone in the world to the markets and give them the right tools and incentive to win, without requiring anything from them in return. That is Spark Profit. Of course, I was happy that the system would be profitable for us, the creators. But I was ecstatic that at the same time it would be such a tremendous force for equality. Unlike Investment Banks, Spark Profit doesn’t care where you are or what you look like. Spark Profit doesn’t even mind if you have another job!

We like to say that Nous is an “opportunity factory” – because every day, a thousand more people experience that opportunity. Which is why when we started out, back in 2012, we created the Nous company vision:


A world in which millions of people are living richer, happier lives thanks to their talents and our assistance.

Nous was the first company in the world to truly make trading free — and then even cheaper! Only Spark Profit offers you, and everyone in the world, a chance to test and refine your trading talents, while guaranteeing a skill-based payout that requires no payment and no deposit. We’re incredibly proud that we’ve never taken a single penny from any of our 80,000 players and yet we’ve already been able to award $60,000 in prizes.

We hope you like what we’re doing too. If you do, please spread the word (and maybe earn yourself a little extra income at the same time!)