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Right now we have players signed up from 123 countries! By itself that would be amazing enough but since there are only 249 country codes, we’ve actually got one or more members in half the countries in the world. What a wonderful validation of our company values – diversity, empowerment and opportunity.


Gains Sans Frontières

So where do our earners – our skilled predictors and talent scouts – come from? This list seems to grow every week: we just added Greece and Jamaica! Here’s every country so far*

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Great Britain
  4. Greece
  5. Indonesia
  6. India
  7. Jamaica
  8. Japan
  9. Maldives
  10. Morocco
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Singapore
  13. Thailand
  14. United Arab Emirates
  15. United States

Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen! We can’t wait to pay you more in the future too.

*: These countries are our best guess, based on 3rd-party services for determining which country someone is in when they join. We don’t require confirmation of your country.

Not on the list?

Is your home country not in that list? There’s a very simple remedy. Do it for yourself and do it for your country: start earning with GAIN!


Too good to be true?

Spark Profit is a free web-app that pays you for making skilled predictions, plus it’s so simple and quick to use that it’s like playing a game. Sound too good to be true?

Well, just like Google has figured out how to earn money from your searches, we have our own neat way of making a profit. People really have earned hundreds of dollars playing Spark Profit for just a few minutes a week, and it really is free. Here’s how it works.

The simple explanation

As you’d expect, there is a wide range of ability in the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve tried Spark Profit already. In fact, some are extremely talented. (And true to our hypothesis, previous experience doesn’t seem to matter at all. You don’t know if you’ll be good until you try!)

Now suppose we take all those skilled players and simply built a machine to trade (just copy) all their predictions — using our own money. This should make a nice revenue for us even though no-one has paid us a single penny. After we take off the expense of building and running the app we should still have enough profit left over to share it between the players and ourselves. Problem solved!

It’s all in the details

In reality it’s not quite that simple – we don’t necessarily copy any individual player directly and we have ways to glean information from even the worst players. We call what we do “crowd-sourced alpha“. But the essence of it is fairly close to finding the good players and copying them.

As a business model, it seems so obvious once you understand it but, as far as we know, no-one’s thought to do it before (or possibly, had the right combination of skills).

There has to be a catch!

One of the things we’re most proud of about our unique system is that you – the player – never risk anything. You don’t pay to join and don’t pay to play. You literally have nothing to lose. Really that’s because we take all the risk. And that single fact is the one and only catch to our amazing business model: we actually need to be very good at what we do, to be successful doing it.

But even if we were to ever get it wrong and lose our money, you’d never have lost a penny because you’ll never have paid a penny. Isn’t this better for you than other trading sites where you pay and you take on all the risk? We think so.

Spark Profit. We want you to win!

Supporter Bonuses

We recently introduced a new feature we’re calling Supporter Bonuses. This is a quick explanation of how they work and why we think you’ll be interested.

Life’s more fun with support!

Why now?

GAIN is ready to grow! Now that cash skill rewards are available, we want to tell the world. Growing helps you too – as more people start playing it automatically increases the maximum you can earn each week.

Credit where credit’s due

Inside the app you can find your personal supporter link – all you have to do is paste it anywhere you want. Anyone who clicks that link and joins the game becomes your supporter. There’s no downside for them to be a supporter* but there is a big benefit for you, the inviter. Inviters receive 10% of their supporters’ first year incomes. This is our way of giving you credit for finding the talent. Thank you!

* Really. Supporters’ incomes are completely unaffected by the bonus we pay you. Your bonus comes from our pockets, not their income!

Share and share alike

You can share your link on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, really anywhere you want. There is no limit to the number of supporters you can have and if any of them make money, so will you. You don’t even need to play GAIN yourself!

When sharing your link you might want to remember these 3 points

  1. It’s very hard to know who’ll be good or not, so avoid making assumptions. Our top five earners right now vary in age between 24 and 70, and come from many different backgrounds. (Just as we expected!).
  2. You didn’t need to know anything about financial markets to use the app – so make sure your friends realise that they don’t either.
  3. The people you are sharing with will want to know what it is about the app that you like. Is it fun? Addictive? Rewarding? Surprising? Are you learning new skills? Make sure to let them know!

Get Creative!

There’s really no limit to the ways you can spread the word. (Let us know if you do anything fun!). If you have an opportunity to introduce the service to a large number of people but need our help in some way – maybe you’d like to do an interview, or believe that your supporter link isn’t suitable, just email us. We’d be glad to make sure you get credit.

Bonus points: Nurture support

When a friend joins you might want to lend them a helping hand at the beginning. It’s in both your interests for them to get up to speed and to do well – and you’ll likely find yourself learning new tricks from them soon afterwards!

Why Trading Is Like Tetris

Everyone loves Tetris! Of course they do – it’s a fun, intuitive game and the simple interface and quick feedback get you playing in no time at all. Play for long enough though and you’ll find yourself in a strange trance. Your brain turns into some kind of Tetris machine: in your mind’s eye you’re packing together everything around you; you see the tetrominoes fall down behind your closed eyes just before you sleep.

But no matter how much you’ve played, I’m sure you’re not as good as the person in the video below. The action starts off reasonably fast but the pace keeps building and by 4 minutes it’s quite amazing (if you’re in a hurry you might want to skip straight to that bit).

However the part you really must see is 5 minutes in. When the game “finishes” the credits start scrolling – and a secret mode starts: Invisible Tetris! Honestly, it makes me proud just to be the same species as the player. It may not be the most useful skill in the world but those talents are so far beyond mine that it seems super-human.

Aren’t these kinds of feats uplifting? How wonderful that we can do these things!

Flash Anzan

One more example, this time of a relatively new competition called “Flash Anzan“. This is really just mental arithmetic: 15 numbers are flashed up on a screen, each between 100 and 999, and you just need to add them up. The question is, how fast can you do it? Go on, have a guess. 15 numbers – twenty seconds? Ten? Five?

Here’s your answer:

Humans can add fifteen 3-digit numbers in 1.8 seconds. That’s 0.12 seconds per number – faster than the blink of an eye! The numbers change so fast I cannot even read them all (perhaps youtube or the original camera doesn’t help but still, that is a sign of how extraordinarily fast it is). Aren’t our brains wonderful?

Paid to play: Tetris

Now for a thought experiment. Imagine if you could be paid to play Tetris, but only by working at a large firm. The firm requires all employees to speak English and have a Bachelors degree or higher. In addition you need to pass some pretty tough interviews which are designed to check that you’ll “fit in”.

Do you think that this is the optimal hiring method to find the world’s best Tetris players? We certainly don’t. It’s remarkably similar to what Investment Banks and Hedge Funds do though, for the skill of trading.

That is why we built GAIN, our free game of market prediction.


Just as anyone can play Tetris, anyone can make a prediction. Also like Tetris, we’ve spent a lot of time making GAIN as accessible and intuitive and fun as possible. You can pick it up for a minute, then come back minutes, hours or even days later and continue playing.

Unlike the firm in the thought-experiment above though, Nous doesn’t care about your background. We don’t care how old you are. We don’t care when or where you choose to play. We don’t ask you to fit in with anyone’s expectations, except your own. What we care is that you have as equal chance to win as everyone else who plays.

By making GAIN available to everyone, we believe that we will find the world’s best predictors. We will find the people whose intuition seems to be a super-human ability, just like in the videos above. People whose first step on the path to excellence was simply seizing the opportunity. People like you.