Payouts: now ten times bigger!

We’ve been live with our new rules for two weeks now and very happy to announce that everything is working even better than we’d hoped. So well in fact, that we can lift our lifetime payout limit, from $10 to $100.

That’s enough to kickstart anyone’s trading career. You know what to do next: sign up here!


A New Chapter for Spark Profit

After more than two years spreading opportunity around the world, we’ve had to make some important changes to Spark Profit. Please read carefully!

Change #1: All withdrawals via TIQL

We built Spark Profit, the first app of its kind in the world, to ① help you safely and easily learn how to trade, and ② provide an income to fund your new hobby or career. That vision hasn’t changed! But Spark Profit is not regulated, unlike its sister app “TIQL“. Regulation is a good thing for customers, so until we are able to get Spark Profit regulated you will only be able to cash out Spark Profit earnings in TIQL.

Change #2: Skill rewards are limited to $10

Spark Profit has paid over $350,000 in awards since 2014. This money came from our own and our investor’s pockets, as we worked hard to find a way to generate the profits necessary from the games you were playing. No-one had ever done this before because it is a very hard problem! In addition we noticed that it often took several months for players to start earning more than a few cents a week.

As a result we will now restrict skill earnings to a lifetime maximum of $10. Once you have earned $10 you should be skilled enough to use TIQL to grow the $10 we’ve given you into $30, or even a lot more!

Incidentally, your income from supporters remains unaffected, and is unlimited. Just don’t forget to log in to TIQL or Spark Profit each week to ensure you get it.

TIQL is a fully regulated product with strong consumer protections. If you have any difficulty registering a TIQL account please check that you are registering for the correct country, the one where you live. If you live in a country where TIQL is currently unavailable due to laws or regulations, we are sorry for the delay but we do expect that you will be able to access your credits in the future, as we add additional licences over time.

We thought very hard about the best way to continue with our mission of making financial markets safe and fun. The changes will result in more people receiving awards than before, giving more opportunity to a larger number of people.

We ♡ News

One of the things we love about SparkProfit is the friendly trading community that’s building up, both inside and outside the app. One of the most fundamental things a community needs is a way to give simple, clear feedback. Now you can!

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.37.58

Every user can heart ♥ or trash 🗑 a post. Make your feelings known! If enough people trash a post we’ll come along and make sure that it follows our posting guidelines and take action if necessary. If a post get lots of likes… well, that’s going to come with special benefits in the future :).

There are some very cool features we’ll be building on top of this foundation but please share lots of ♥ with your SparkProfit friends for now!

Need for speed

We’ve been working hard on several new features for Spark Profit that you will be seeing soon, but one of them you should already have noticed: the app is FAST!

Untitled by viernest (

Credit: viernest (

No more slow Tuesdays or Invalid Login errors: from now on you will be connected to the global markets in the blink of an eye. React first with Spark Profit.

Want some Bitcoin?

Some good news for our players who want to earn Bitcoin – you now have the option to receive your cash awards from Spark Profit in Bitcoin.

So what is Bitcoin and why all the interest?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies – a decentralised peer to peer network with no central bank (such as the Bank of England or the Fed) and no middle men. It basically behaves exactly like cash on the Internet. Bitcoin was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym – the real identity is still a mystery). Bitcoin began to get media attention due to its meteoric rise in price against an economic background where many people where losing confidence in their standard Fiat currencies and their government’s ability to support them.

The rise (and fall) of Bitcoin

The rise (and fall) of Bitcoin


How do I get me some Bitcoin?

You can “mine” for them – mining is the term used to describe the virtual work that you must carry out to earn Bitcoin. It’s a bit like the work you have to do to dig gold of out of the ground. Or, you can try your hand at Spark Profit and see if you have a flair for predicting financial markets – we’ll pay you in Bitcoin if you do!

You’ll need to set up a Bitcoin wallet if you wish to receive or pay Bitcoin. A Bitcoin wallet stores your Bitcoin balance and allows you to send and receive payments in Bitcoin.

One you have earned enough cash in Spark Profit (presently the minimum is $30), just go to your Profile page and choose Bitcoin as the payment option. Click the withdrawal button and we’ll get you a real time quote of where Bitcoin is trading at, and agree a price in Bitcoin for your payment. All we need at that point is your wallet ID and you’ll receive your Bitcoin.

We’ve awarded over USD $31,000 in prizes now. How much have you earned?

Spark Profit adds the S&P 500 index

When Spark Profit was released a few months ago you could predict four of the larger currency markets, plus Bitcoin. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of our first stock index, the “Standard And Poors 500”. This index is often used as a proxy for the entire US stock market and is one of the most heavily traded indices in the world.

Play tab

Of course, making predictions for the S&P 500 is just as simple as with our other markets. Once you’ve taken the tutorial just open the graph, click or tap to set a target price and a stop price, and you’re done.

Stock Index Tutorial

We’ll be adding other countries’ major stock indices over the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately they are not actively traded outside of their typical market hours so this requires just a bit more work on our side. They’ll be there soon, we promise.

We hope you enjoy the new challenge – and the opportunity to earn points and rewards even more quickly! As always please don’t hesitate to send any feedback to [email protected]





Good news for our friends in Pakistan and a few other countries: we’ve added a Skrill payment option. At the moment both PayPal and Skrill options are completely free to use because we’re being nice and don’t pass on all the charges we have to pay to use their services.

Payment Options

It’s pretty simple, just go to your Profile page and choose Skrill. It automatically sends the money to the same email address as registered in the app, so do be sure to change (and re-verify) your email if you need to.

Skrill payments


When you have enough money in your account to make a withdrawal, you’ll see a button like this one. Click and the money will be sent as soon our additional security checks have passed, usually within 24 hours.

Withdraw via Skrill

We’ve awarded over USD $22,000 in prizes now. How much have you earned?