Meet the team: Finovate video

Finovate just posted a video of our demonstration from the conference a couple of weeks ago.

The 7 minute video explains a bit about our business model and why we think Spark Profit and Spark Feed are so revolutionary. We hope you agree!


New year, new beginnings

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, from everyone here at Nous!

New Beginings

Plenty more in store for 2014

2013 has been really amazing – it’s only 8 months since GAIN started paying cash rewards and already 13,000 players joined from 190 countries, to collectively earn over US $11,000. We think that’s fantastic! We’re very grateful for your help, and rather proud of ourselves all at the same time :).

As you can probably guess, we have plenty more in store for 2014.

A new name

In the middle of January GAIN will get a new name, its own website, and be released to Apple’s App Store. The changes are mostly cosmetic so you’ll still feel right at home though. You can still earn money in just minutes per week and, just like now, if you do very well one week you’ll still receive money for many weeks afterwards. Of course we’ll carry over your full history to the new site, so you won’t lose anything there either.


There is one other important change coming at the same time, to scoring. Although many people might not be aware of it, points that you won or lost more than six months ago no longer count towards your score and do not help you earn money. This can be a surprise long term users, who hit this wall and see their total points “fall” at the start of every week. We wanted to make it feel fairer to them and easier for everyone to understand. We cannot say any more right now but rest assured that everyone gets equal treatment and we you will always be rewarded for careful, long-term playing.


You might have noticed that we had a couple of outages recently. We’ve been working literally round the clock to fix this: adding new data suppliers; buying machines and coding like crazy. Pretty soon we’ll also be able to release upgrades without having to stop everything. We will continue working to increase uptime even further.


There are other changes planned over the course of the year. In addition to the rebranding and new scoring system, we will be increasing prizes — that is, if you can help us continue to grow and add more winning users! We also plan to add new markets to the app and also allow you to make predictions that last more than a week. In addition we’ll let you withdraw your earnings via Skrill or direct to your own Bitcoin wallet! And we’ll be making it easier to chat — and show off! — to your friends from inside the app.

Here’s to the future!

So thanks once again for helping us have such a fantastic first year. Together we really can have fun making a better, fairer world for millions of people – starting with you!

Hello, little green robot!

Android users get it first: GAIN is in the Google Play store! Go and install it now!

A match made in heaven

The GAIN native app is easier to install, works on more devices and opens even more quickly than the web version. In the future we’ll be adding features that will only work on this version, so we do recommend switching as soon as you can.

Please let us know if you find any issues we didn’t spot in our testing – otherwise help us out by reviewing the app in the store. If you like what we’re doing give us 5 stars – after all there aren’t many apps that actually pay you!



QR link to GAIN in the Google Play store:

Earning with Bitcoin!

We just added a new market for everyone to play and earn with: BTCUSD, or “Bitcoin“.

Bitcoin IntroductionBT

Bitcoin is a digital currency. You can use bitcoins to buy things on the internet and you can also convert them to and from other currencies. But bitcoins are not printed by a central bank, instead they are “mined” using software. They’re very hard – maybe impossible – to forge.

Bitcoin is 24×7

You can now play games and earn points on the weekends! This is something people have been asking for a long time and we’re happy to bring it you finally.

Bitcoin is not just another currency

Bitcoin’s fundamentals such as the money supply are very well known, so the price is almost completely driven by human psychology. There have been some amazing spikes and crashes even in just the last few months. And now you can profit from them!

Watch out!

Even though Bitcoin markets are open 24×7, we stop all BTC games at 9pm UTC on a Friday each week – just the same as normal currency markets. (We might remove that restriction later but doing it this way meant that we could release it to you earlier!) Unlike currencies though, you can restart trading 30 minutes later, so for most of the weekend you can start to earn points and try and get a head-start on the next week’s total.

Also Bitcoin markets are not as liquid as the currencies you’ve seen in GAIN before now. What it means is that, for now, you won’t see the price update quite as often.

Can I get paid in Bitcoin?

For now you can only withdraw your earnings using Paypal, in US Dollars. If you really want this feature, mail [email protected] and let us know.

Twice as fun


Four buttons good, two buttons bad!

We were very excited to add two new markets last week.

Now you have the potential to earn twice as many points as before, plus you’re also more likely to find interesting new trading opportunities whenever you open the app.

We’ve already seen some big changes in the leader-boards. Is this the chance you’ve been waiting for?

GAIN – The world’s most rewarding app