New Milestones, New Bonuses!

Spark Profit now has over 300,000 players! We’re really excited about that, as you can probably imagine :). We’re extremely proud of the financial rewards paid out, skills learned and the friendly community that’s built up, all in under two years.


Spark Profit is much more welcoming than this gentleman

We were looking for a way to make this even more special for you, the people who’ve helped build this amazing thing. We’ve decided to make Spark Profit even more rewarding:

Invite 3 friends to earn $1!

It’s super simple: if you have three (or more) new supporters who joined after November 16th, and are fully verified players, we’ll award you $1.

  • Each supporter (each friend) must have joined on-or-after November 16th GMT.
  • They have to verify their account.
  • Only one payout per person (max payout $1).
  • The system will check for new supporters every day or two

Of course if your supporters earn $1 by inviting people, you’ll still get your 10% bonus. (And on, and on).

This offer lasts for 1 month and has already started! Time to get inviting


PayPal Payees

We realised this morning that we don’t blow our own trumpet nearly enough! Even though we pay out thousands of dollars every month, we don’t show it anywhere.

So here’s a snapshot of this morning’s payments (before my screen cropped the snapshot!)

payments madeWe paid $72.22, $110.82, $38.68 and so on… In actual fact, we paid a total of $843 to 21 people this morning.

And none of them has ever paid us anything. Of course.

So there you go. Proof that Spark Profit is the best thing you can do with a spare minute!

Want some Bitcoin?

Some good news for our players who want to earn Bitcoin – you now have the option to receive your cash awards from Spark Profit in Bitcoin.

So what is Bitcoin and why all the interest?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies – a decentralised peer to peer network with no central bank (such as the Bank of England or the Fed) and no middle men. It basically behaves exactly like cash on the Internet. Bitcoin was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym – the real identity is still a mystery). Bitcoin began to get media attention due to its meteoric rise in price against an economic background where many people where losing confidence in their standard Fiat currencies and their government’s ability to support them.

The rise (and fall) of Bitcoin

The rise (and fall) of Bitcoin


How do I get me some Bitcoin?

You can “mine” for them – mining is the term used to describe the virtual work that you must carry out to earn Bitcoin. It’s a bit like the work you have to do to dig gold of out of the ground. Or, you can try your hand at Spark Profit and see if you have a flair for predicting financial markets – we’ll pay you in Bitcoin if you do!

You’ll need to set up a Bitcoin wallet if you wish to receive or pay Bitcoin. A Bitcoin wallet stores your Bitcoin balance and allows you to send and receive payments in Bitcoin.

One you have earned enough cash in Spark Profit (presently the minimum is $30), just go to your Profile page and choose Bitcoin as the payment option. Click the withdrawal button and we’ll get you a real time quote of where Bitcoin is trading at, and agree a price in Bitcoin for your payment. All we need at that point is your wallet ID and you’ll receive your Bitcoin.

We’ve awarded over USD $31,000 in prizes now. How much have you earned?


Good news for our friends in Pakistan and a few other countries: we’ve added a Skrill payment option. At the moment both PayPal and Skrill options are completely free to use because we’re being nice and don’t pass on all the charges we have to pay to use their services.

Payment Options

It’s pretty simple, just go to your Profile page and choose Skrill. It automatically sends the money to the same email address as registered in the app, so do be sure to change (and re-verify) your email if you need to.

Skrill payments


When you have enough money in your account to make a withdrawal, you’ll see a button like this one. Click and the money will be sent as soon our additional security checks have passed, usually within 24 hours.

Withdraw via Skrill

We’ve awarded over USD $22,000 in prizes now. How much have you earned?

New year, new beginnings

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, from everyone here at Nous!

New Beginings

Plenty more in store for 2014

2013 has been really amazing – it’s only 8 months since GAIN started paying cash rewards and already 13,000 players joined from 190 countries, to collectively earn over US $11,000. We think that’s fantastic! We’re very grateful for your help, and rather proud of ourselves all at the same time :).

As you can probably guess, we have plenty more in store for 2014.

A new name

In the middle of January GAIN will get a new name, its own website, and be released to Apple’s App Store. The changes are mostly cosmetic so you’ll still feel right at home though. You can still earn money in just minutes per week and, just like now, if you do very well one week you’ll still receive money for many weeks afterwards. Of course we’ll carry over your full history to the new site, so you won’t lose anything there either.


There is one other important change coming at the same time, to scoring. Although many people might not be aware of it, points that you won or lost more than six months ago no longer count towards your score and do not help you earn money. This can be a surprise long term users, who hit this wall and see their total points “fall” at the start of every week. We wanted to make it feel fairer to them and easier for everyone to understand. We cannot say any more right now but rest assured that everyone gets equal treatment and we you will always be rewarded for careful, long-term playing.


You might have noticed that we had a couple of outages recently. We’ve been working literally round the clock to fix this: adding new data suppliers; buying machines and coding like crazy. Pretty soon we’ll also be able to release upgrades without having to stop everything. We will continue working to increase uptime even further.


There are other changes planned over the course of the year. In addition to the rebranding and new scoring system, we will be increasing prizes — that is, if you can help us continue to grow and add more winning users! We also plan to add new markets to the app and also allow you to make predictions that last more than a week. In addition we’ll let you withdraw your earnings via Skrill or direct to your own Bitcoin wallet! And we’ll be making it easier to chat — and show off! — to your friends from inside the app.

Here’s to the future!

So thanks once again for helping us have such a fantastic first year. Together we really can have fun making a better, fairer world for millions of people – starting with you!

PayPal Withdrawals: Available Now

It’s September and as promised, we’ve turned on withdrawals! If you have $30.00 or more in your account then you can simply click one button and withdraw all your earnings to your PayPal account.

This is a real account! Great playing – and the supporter bonuses are helping too.

How it works

Open the app, go to Me → Account and scroll down. At the bottom of your earnings statement is a button. It will be disabled if you don’t have enough to withdraw. Otherwise just click on it, confirm that the email address is correct, and you should receive your money within 24 hours.

We use the same email address as you’ve registered with us. If you want to withdraw to a different account, you’ll need register the different email address before clicking on the button.

We send the full amount but PayPal sometimes applies a “receiver’s fee” which does reduce it. Honestly, we’re not quite sure why, since we’ve already paid quite a lot more than that just to get it into their system, so PayPal already made enough profit.


We won’t be adding any more payment providers soon because we’d like to focus on adding other new features to help you trade better and earn more. However if you have a provider – Payza, or Bitcoin for instance – that you’d like to see us add, let us know in the comments below! If we see a lot of support we’ll be more likely to add it earlier.