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Nous pilots market-price prediction feed with Hong Kong hedge fund

April 23 In this article, Finextra mentions that our first client has signed up and received the historical Spark Data feed, and that we have a second client soon to follow.


Press Release: Skilled users earn rewards making free S&P 500 predictions


Tokyo-based startup Nous today announced a new service allowing people to make predictions on the Standard and Poor’s 500 equity index for free, with the unusual benefit of earning cash if they accumulate enough points making correct predictions.

Spark Profit, their phone and web-based prediction app, was released on January 29th this year after extensive beta-testing in 2013. Initially supporting Foreign Exchange and Bitcoin, today marked a milestone for the firm with the addition of it’s first Equity Index market. More indices are planned to arrive in the coming weeks.

Nous’ CEO, Justin Short, said “We built Spark Profit so people could discover their hidden talents while doing something valuable in their spare time. Adding the S&P500 index gives everyone an extra opportunity to do just that.”

Nous has awarded over USD $24,000 to its users to date. These rewards are paid for by a unique business model, that Nous calls “Crowd-sourced Alpha”. With this model, large financial trading firms pay to subscribe to the stream of predictions, using the insights contained in the data to inform their own trading decisions and increase trading efficiency.

About Nous

Nous was founded in 2012 by Justin Short and four other former high flying Merrill Lynch traders and technologists, who saw an opportunity to help firms understand and predict financial markets, by empowering people around the world to discover and hone their natural trading talents. It launched Spark Profit, the virtual trading game, in January 2014.


Justin Short
CEO Nous
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BBC Persia (Manoto1): The Tech Show

Manoto 1 - The Tech Show

Manoto 1 – The Tech Show

The Tech Show, a Persian language TV programme on BBC Persia covering technology news, games and finance, talks about Spark Profit in a 2.5 minute slot at 13:50 to 16:21.

Special Note to Iranian Residents

After the show aired on March 3rd, thousands of Iranian residents tried to sign up and create verified accounts. Unfortunately we do not allow Iranian phone numbers to be verified because legally we are unable to send money to Iran.

If in the future the laws change so that we are able to legally pay you, we would really be delighted to welcome Iran to join their American, British, French, Indian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Phillipino and many, many other friends at Spark Profit!

یادداشتی برای ایرانیان عزیز

پس از معرفی اپلیکیشن ما در تاریخ سوم مارچ، هزاران نفر از ایرانیان سعی کردند در صفحه ما نام نویسی کنند و نام کاربری خود را ثبت کنند. متاسفانه در حال حاضر امکان ثبت شماره تلفن های فارسی فراهم نشده است زیرا محدودیت های قانونی، تبادل پول ما با ایرانیان را ناممکن ساخته است.

امیدواریم در آینده نزدیک چنین محدودیت هایی برطرف شود و تبادل پولی میان ما و شما عزیزان ممکن شود. در این صورت مشتاقانه به شما کاربران عزیز خوش آمد خواهیم گفت تا در اسپارک پرافیت به جمع کاربران ما از امریکا، بریتانیا، فرانسه، هند، اندونزی، پاکستان، فیلیپین و سایر کشورها ملحق شوید.

In The News:’s Spark Feed Leverages Trading Intuition Rather Than Software Algorithms’s Spark Feed Leverages Trading Intuition Rather Than Software Algorithms

By David Penn on February 12, 2014 1:08 AM

Next up to the stage is, a company that operates a next generation, free trading simulator

“Nous ‘Spark Feed’ is a real-time financial data service that helps you understand and predict the markets. Uniquely, Spark Feed uses the intuitive and analytical capabilities of tens of thousands of real people, not software algorithms. Their predictions are segmented by proven trading skill and then quantitatively blended.”

Press Release: Nous launches crowd-sourced data feeds at FinovateEurope

Financial data company Nous will launch today its new real time ‘Spark Feed’ data feeds at FinovateEurope, a London trade show (11 & 12 February) that showcases cutting-edge financial and banking technology innovations.

Nous is launching four different Spark Feed data feeds aimed at banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions. The data feeds range from a historical raw data only feed, to feeds which provide access to Nous’s real time forex and stock indices data, and also a slice of all its historical predictions.

The purpose of Spark Feed is to help financial institutions understand – and even predict – market price changes at multiple time scales, including much shorter ones than are served by traditional analysts.

The data driving Spark Feed is harvested from Nous’ proprietary system for collecting real time opinion, called Spark Profit, which itself was released at the end of January 2014 after extensive field testing.

Unlike other crowd sourced financial data providers, the data from Spark Profit doesn’t rely on interpreting natural language responses but instead is measuring actual trading decisions. It is therefore more predictive than crowd-sourced feeds that mine natural language data on social media platforms.

Spark Profit, an app available for phones and desktops, already has 20,000 virtual traders. It is increasing by around 3,000 new users a month at the moment, although this will accelerate. The app’s main attractions are that it is free-to-use and provides regular income for skilled traders. Many of the most consistent performers live in India, the Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia, and had little to no previous trading experience.

Justin Short, CEO of Nous, says:

“We designed Spark Profit to be so simple and intuitive that the whole world can use it. Our best users quickly worked out how to maximize their personal returns and invented their own trading strategies to achieve that. Their collective decisions are the source of valuable data for Spark Feed, which we are delighted to be launching today to an expert audience of banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions at FinovateEurope.”


Justin Short
CEO Nous
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Neil Boom
MD Gresham PR
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About Nous

Nous was founded in 2012 by Justin Short and four other former high flying Merrill Lynch traders and technologists, who saw an opportunity to empower people around the world to discover and hone unsuspected talents in trading currencies and other liquid instruments.

It launched Spark Profit, the virtual trading game, in January 2014.

About FinovateEurope

FinovateEurope is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held in London, the event offers an insight-packed glimpse of the future of money via a fast-paced, intimate, and unique format. FinovateEurope is organized by The Finovate Group. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit