Solving your problems

When we’re out talking to investors and VCs we’re often asked “what problem are you trying to solve”? Our app is designed to be educational and entertaining but we know that it’s the third reason — an income — that is most important for the majority of our users. Now you really can earn cash in your spare time, on your phone or PC. No investment, no experience required, and definitely no downside.

For many people that’s a life-changing opportunity.

To make an example, the average income in India is $100 a month, so the chance to earn an additional $120 per month is a very big deal. And in fact, the average Indian earns noticeably less than that because a few Indians are earning a lot more.

So Nous offers the chance to double or triple the average income for billions of people – for just a few minutes effort per day. We think that’s pretty good solution to a pretty big problem!


Loading Countries… [50% complete]

Right now we have players signed up from 123 countries! By itself that would be amazing enough but since there are only 249 country codes, we’ve actually got one or more members in half the countries in the world. What a wonderful validation of our company values – diversity, empowerment and opportunity.


Gains Sans Frontières

So where do our earners – our skilled predictors and talent scouts – come from? This list seems to grow every week: we just added Greece and Jamaica! Here’s every country so far*

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Great Britain
  4. Greece
  5. Indonesia
  6. India
  7. Jamaica
  8. Japan
  9. Maldives
  10. Morocco
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Singapore
  13. Thailand
  14. United Arab Emirates
  15. United States

Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen! We can’t wait to pay you more in the future too.

*: These countries are our best guess, based on 3rd-party services for determining which country someone is in when they join. We don’t require confirmation of your country.

Not on the list?

Is your home country not in that list? There’s a very simple remedy. Do it for yourself and do it for your country: start earning with GAIN!

nomen est omen

What better way to start our blog than by talking about how we came to choose our own name?

It’s a little unusual compared to other start-up trends at the moment, but “nous” (which rhymes with “house”) was a clear winner with the founders. It has three meanings in three languages and each one fits us well!

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Alan Kay

Nous = “New” (Catalan)

We might be taking Alan a bit more literally than he imagined here! Our GAIN prediction game and its sibling fund certainly represent a unique new business model, but we actually believe this is the start of a new industry.

Nous = “We, Us” (French)

Our business is built on working together with the world and embracing its wonderful diversity. This is why our company values are empowerment, diversity and opportunity – both for our employees and for the world.

Nous = “Smarts, Intelligence, Intuition” (English)

We believe that we have the right skills to help people find their hidden talents and bring them out into the open. This, our strength, is also the source of our most humbling moments when we find out just how amazing you are. Nous exists to discover, nurture and celebrate your intuition and talent.

Bonus: 脑思 = “brain-think” (Chinese)

In China we plan to use the characters 脑思 (pronounced very closely to the English as “nao-su”). This is not an actual word but the characters translate quite closely to the English meaning as “brain-think”.

Nous is for you.

We’re still only eight months old but we’ve got some big dreams! We look forward to sharing them with you.